How to Lose Weight FAST



So! You’ve decided that you would like to shed some extra pounds.

Perhaps it’s the “holiday weight” that you’ve recently put on, or you’ve simply decided that it’s time for a overhaul of your lifestyle.

How to Lose Weight Fast

Unless being in such a state is going to give you a superpower of indestructibility, it’s probably a good idea to start shedding some of those pounds


Whatever your reason, you’re most definitely looking for the most efficient way of doing it. Nobody wants to spend years just to get back into shape.

Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place to find out more!

In order to lose weight, there is only one key point you must understand:




That, in a nutshell, is basically it. It’s a mathematical equation that always holds true. If you are putting out more than you are putting in, you will lose weight.

How To Lose Weight Fast

Even Stark would agree. It’s just math, after all.

Thus, how do you put in less? That’s simple too. It goes as such:

Eat less. Move (exercise) more. 

That’s it. The more you speed up this process, the faster you will lose weight.

How To Lose Weight Fast

Food from Final Fantasy 15. Really. It looks like this in game. Man, how hard is this fitness journey, for even virtual food to be so unresistable

In fact, if you completely stop eating, and run 10 miles twice a day, it’s a guaranteed surefire way to lose all the weight you want within a week.

Of course, that was meant as sarcasm, but also acts as an excellent segue for the really important point of this article:




  • Weight is easy to lose. Fat is not
  • Weight is not unhealthy. Excess weight is
  • Fat is not unhealthy either. Excess fat is

If you want to go about the fastest way to lose weight, it’s clear what you must do. But by all accounts it is the most unhealthy method, and will never give you long lasting results. Before you know it, all that weight you lost will be back to haunt you faster than the Flash makes it around the world.

How to Lose Weight Fast

Just as you thought you finally got rid of all that’s back again in a flash

What most weight loss companies will try to sell you (gym packages, fitness routines, pills and supplements) will revolve around this concept of losing weight. And it’s become one of the most disreputable practices out there for an actual healthy result.

What you want to do, instead, is lose excess fat.

Well, what is the best way to lose fat then? Simply put, it’s this:



Without getting overly complicated and sounding like Reed Richards, this is due to two reasons:

  1. Muscle mass inherently burns way more calories when your body is in a state of rest
  2. The process involved in building muscle is caused by micro tears in your tissues that have undergone physical stress. These micro tears require a ton of calories to heal

In other words, think of it this way. Muscle mass is like a in game buff, that gives you an experience gain (fat burning) benefit.

How to lose weight fast

Muscle Mass: +200% increased experience (Fat Burn) for 48 hours


The more muscle you have and constantly build, the easier is it to maintain a lean body mass.

I won’t be going in depth here of the different ways to build muscle, because that’s another ball game on it’s own, and even then would probably require more than one write up.

Nevertheless, if there’s just one takeaway I would like you to have, it’s this:




As long as you remember this, you’ll be well on your way and leagues ahead of others in becoming the best version of yourself.

How To Lose Weight Fast

As always, if you’ve any questions at all, feel free to fire away. We were all beginners once, and there’s no such thing as a stupid question!

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